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Doctor Who Wooden Dolls

Hand made peg dolls.
Doctor Who is our favourite character. We hand make and paint peg dolls featuring characters from the show. Wait until you see the Weeping Angels.
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Robot Blocks

Wooden robots with interchangeable parts.
These were a set of analog robots made using 2x4s and magnets to attach the limbs. Accessories and decorations are made of molded hot-glue, polymer clay, and 3D-printed pieces.
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CNC Machine

A custom-built CNC machine
With a custom-built CNC machine we can engrave, cut, and carve wood, plastics, and metals with ease!
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R/C Power Wheels

Radio-controlled Power Wheels.
A large radio-controlled Power Wheels Jeep using an Xbox 360 controller, an Arduino, and some off-the-shelf parts.

Who We Are

A family team of makers, designers,
Empowering our children to shape their world.

nerdSpouse is a family team of designers and engineers that focus on changing ourselves and our children from consumers to producers. Simply put: We build stuff. Anything. Everything. From there we create projects and products that empower our children to shape their world.

  • Wood Crafts
  • Electronics Design
  • STEM/STEAM Oriented learning

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